Ayurveda and children


Ayurveda and children

Many asked that from what age it is possible and worth giving Ayurvedic drugs to children, so I questioned guru Adam, and briefly, here is the information;

“ Child and Infant Care in Ayurveda, How to Use Herbs


It is always forgotten, but now it won’t be! Many of you have written that Ayurvedic recipes are good and effective, and quite a lot of people ask about the dosage for children in Ayurveda.

This is it:

Classically, under the age of 6 months, herbal preparations are given only for a very justified problem to the little ones and only in 1/6 doses. They use breast milk for about everything. He scratched his face during sleep? Breast milk! Did his little eyes swell? Drop breast milk in it. They also start complementary feeding by mixing breast milk to everything in the beginning to make it easier for their small system to process.

Do not give Neem to children under 5 years of age!

Dosage by age:

  • At the age of 6-12 months: 1/5 part
  • At the age of 12-24 months: 1/4 part
  • At the age of 2-4 years: 1/3 part
  • At the age of 4-7 years: 1/2 part
  • At the age of 7-14 years: 2/3 part

Om Tat Sat

But, of course, first consult a specialist!”

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