Immune system - Basic product

ashwagandha kapszula 80 db

Ashwagandha, Indian ginseng to help preserve youth, 80 capsules

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Accelerates recovery in a dehydrated, weakened body
  • Adjusts the ideal functioning of the system, due to its adaptogenic nature, both in the lower- and hyperfunction
  • Has a general strengthening effect on the body (in men)
  • Helps to counteract the adverse side effects of chemotherapy
  • It is also used against chronic fatigue
  • Beneficial help even in case of old age weakness
  • When overeating, the body reacts with increased need for sleep
amla gógynövény kapszula

Amla, vitamin C and antioxidant from India, 80 capsules

  • Immune booster with high antioxidant content
  • Helps the assimilation of vitamin C
  • Because of its astringency, it gets into the intestinal mucosa and slowly doses itself from there
  • Rejuvenating product which is especially important for blood, liver, heart, bones, skin and respiratory tract

Immune system - KSupplementary product


Kanchnar Guggul, 80 capsules

  • Supports the functioning of the lymphatic system, reduces their swelling

Shatavari, hormone balancing remedy for women, 80 capsules

  • Prevents unpleasant symptoms due to hormonal deficiency, such as osteoporosis, hair loss in the postmenstrual period
  • It has a roborating effect in all areas of lower stomach
  • Has a general strengthening effect on the body (in women)

Trikatu, a digestive stimulant absorbing toxins, 80 capsules

  • It has a detoxification effect, raises body heat and consumes toxins
  • Helps in antibacterial and parasitic reactions and supports the immune system

Tulsi, Indian sacred basil for fever, colds and allergies, 80 capsules

  • Helps to regenerate the immune system
  • Enhances stamina and condition

Strengthening the immune system is an essential part of staying healthy

The body protects itself against pathogens and infections through the immune system. If your immune system is weakened, or you just want to maintain its robustness, you can do so naturally with Ayurvedic herbs. Ayurvedic products can be used both internally and externally as well, as they can also be beneficial for the hair and skin too. Click on the detailed description of our herbal products, packaged in vegan and organic cellulose capsules. These natural supplements are perfect to incorporate into the daily routine of those committed to traditional healthcare.

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