Stress, brain function - Basic product

ashwagandha kapszula 80 db

Ashwagandha, Indian ginseng to help preserve youth, 80 capsules

  • Stress and anxiety inhibitor effect
  • Relieves physical and psychological stress while strengthening the immune system
  • It is also recommended for nervous exhaustion

Brahmi, Refreshment for the brain, 80 capsules

  • Recommended to strengthen the nervous system
  • Enhances stress tolerance
  • Anxiolytic

Stress, brain function - Supplementary product


Shilajit, the guardian of good health, 80 capsules

  • Helps brain function
  • With chronic exhaustion, it significantly improves the condition of the body
  • Recommended for the treatment of neurasthenia, nervous system problems

Tulsi, Indian sacred basil for fever, colds and allergies, 80 capsules

  • Reduces the harmful effects of stress, effectively enhances oxygen supply to the body and brain
  • Reduces anxiety
arjuna kapszula

Arjuna, refreshment for the heart and vascular system, 80 capsules

  • Reduces the effects of stress and nervousness, keeping your heart healthy

A balanced mind is the foundation for good mental health

Today’s rhythm of life, with all the stimuli and impulses from online platforms, can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety. It’s important invest time in calming our minds, so that we can recharge with the quiet and peaceful energy needed to cope with everyday life. Bixa Ayurvedic herbal capsules help to improve the oxygen supply of the brain, which is key to keeping our minds fresh and supporting our brain’s ability to cope with stress. The natural power of the herbs improves dosha imbalances, thus increasing resilience to mental stress and boosting mental energy.

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being. Mentally balanced people are more positive and confident in dealing with life situations as they arise. Achieving good mental health enables us to cope more easily with stressful situations and life’s challenges, and to carry out our daily tasks more effectively.

Ayurvedic herbal supplements can help to relieve stress, relieve anxiety and strengthen the healthy functioning of the nervous system.

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