Cardiac and vascular system, blood sugar - Basic product

gurmar kapszula

Gurmar, remedy for diabetes, 80 capsules

  • Optimizes blood sugar levels, adjusts healthy functioning
  • Improves insulin production so that the body can break down glucose
  • Helps the efficiency of blood sugar storage
  • Increases the amount of insulin producing cells of the pancreas
  • Helps to adjust cholesterol levels
arjuna kapszula

Arjuna, refreshment for the heart and vascular system, 80 capsules

  • Heart-toning
  • Vessel regenerating
  • Optimizes blood pressure
  • Strengthens, nourishes the heart muscles
  • Reduces the chance of vascular occlusion
  • Reduces watering
  • It is used to control and adjust heart rate and blood pressure (both high and low) and coronary heart disease

Cardiac and vascular system, blood sugar - Supplementary product


Shilajit, the guardian of good health, 80 capsules

  • Strengthens the heart
  • Effective in case of anemia due to its high iron content

Tulsi, Indian sacred basil for fever, colds and allergies, 80 capsules

  • Heart-toning
  • It is recommended to take with Arjuna in case of heart problems
  • Taking Tulsi+Neem+Bael together helps to adjust blood sugar
amla gógynövény kapszula

Amla, vitamin C and antioxidant from India, 80 capsules

  • Strengthens heart function
  • A beneficial supplement also for high blood pressure

The heart is the engine of our body, connecting to the whole organ system through the circulation of blood

The heart ensures adequate blood supply to the body by pumping continuously. However, its rhythm can be affected by our blood sugar levels. Elevated blood sugar levels and potential hypertension can put a constant strain on this very important organ. We can preserve the health of our heart through Ayurvedic methods and remedies, by choosing the right holistic supplements and a healthy diet. Balanced blood sugar levels and optimised blood pressure are essential for the heart. Our vegan herbal remedies in cellulose capsules can help to adjust blood sugar and blood pressure to the right levels, which can help us prevent heart conditions. Scroll down and click on the individual Ayurvedic supplements to read more about their effects and their importance in traditional healthcare.

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