“Oriental treasures”

Discover a world of unparalleled craftsmanship and cultural fusion!

Mandala and Thankga paintings from Nepal

Our Oriental Treasures category encompasses the distinctive atmosphere of different regions of Asia, with unique and authentic products from India and Nepal. Embark on a visual journey with us through colourful handmade mandala and thangka paintings by Nepali and Tibetan artists, reflecting the rich spiritual heritage of the East.

Solid Wood Furniture from Asia

Discover the timeless elegance of tropical hardwood furniture from India and Thailand through our partner company, LaVida Oriental Heritage. Browse our selection of quality handcrafted solid wood furniture, where each furniture piece tells a story of enduring beauty and the outstanding work of skilled craftsmen.

Handmade Home Décor from Asia

Brighten up your home with unique handmade Asian home décor from Thailand and Nepal. Embrace this vibrant oriental energy that combines traditional art with modern interior design.

Discovering new cultures, exploring a new place, meeting local people and artists, and getting the chance to see our world through their eyes is always one of the most exciting parts of our travels. We return home from every trip with spiritual and material memories, finding many things in the local markets and small shops that we can't find at home. With the spread of globalisation, mass-produced items are increasingly replacing the wonderful things made by local craftsmen and artists. Our aim is to bring a tiny corner of the world to our own country, supporting the families, artists and craftspeople who have brought so many beautiful memories into our lives through their creations. Helping them to continue their craft and to keep alive the traditions of their country and their people so that they can continue to delight travellers and pilgrims for many years to come.

Browse hand-painted Mandala and Thangka paintings from VegaFűszeray, or discover Asian solid wood furniture and unique home furnishings from LaVida Oriental Heritage!

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