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Ayurvedic medicine deals primarily with the preservation of health.

Uniquely it divides our body into subtypes and helps each system to maintain balance with proper nutrition, exercise and life conduct system.



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DOSHA test
-Body type determination

If you are interested in your Ayurvedic physique type, complete our test.

The following test is a relatively quick survey method to determine your type of body, that is, what kind of doshas you have, the basic powers dominating the body, learn about your basic thought characteristics and the lifestyle proposed for you, so you can increase your body-spiritual radiance.


Usually they are physically underdeveloped, their chest is flat, veins and muscles are visible.


Their body is well developed, they have a strong tendency to overweight.


They are of medium height, thin, their body type is delicate, their muscle development is average.

The human body structure in Ayurveda

Vata, Pitta, Kapha

The ether, air, fire, water and the earth, these five elements are present in the human body as three fundamental principles or fluids, this is called tridosha. The ether and air form the dosha of the vata, the elements of fire and water form the dosha of pitta, while the elements of water and earth are the dosha of kapha.

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