About us

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

– Lao Ce

Our journey together began in 2010 in Nepal when our small team set out to discover the Himalayas and the mysterious and engaging world of Asia. It soon turned out that we had a lot of shared passion and common interest, so we started working together, launching Vegafűszeray in Europe.

Our goal is to share our enthusiasm and passion for healthy living, and a lifestyle closer to nature and traditional remedies, healing.

Meet our team


I look after logistics and buying for the team. I travel for work and as a hobby, globe trotting around the world when possible. Lived and worked in Asia Mumbai and Bangkok for a few years. Currently I provide background support while commuting between different countries of Europe and Thailand is thinking about the next destination between two horse riding adventures. Recently I started another new venture, importing handmade furniture and home décor products from India, Thailand and Nepal. Check out my new website at lavidaorientalheritage.com and share this new experience with me!

[Erika] My first introduction to Ayurveda was when I moved to India. The abundance of local spices, mixed with a variety of local “curiosities” and bacteria that were completely unknown to my body, caused a lot of digestive problems, and I regularly struggled with food poisoning, which put a lot of stress on my body. So I learned about Triphala, which helped me get my digestion in order and normalize my daily life. Later, I also took Ashwagandha for my general state of dehydration and to strengthen my immune system. So step by step I got to know all the other basic Ayurvedic products.


Kriszti is the true heart and engine of our team, taking care of running the day-to-day buasiness and providing first class customer service. Always on the lookout to find better simpler ways of working. In her spare time besides raising two wonderful daughters, she organizes trips, teaches salsa and is on thee move to always learn something new: be it ayurveda, astrology or archaic systems and theory.

[Kriszti] My first experience with Ayurveda had been with Shatavari, a herbal treatment to balance female hormones, which helped me soothe the period days I had previously suffered through on pain medication. In winter we take Amla with our children, and enjoy getting through winter periods without persistent colds and coughs. We then started recommending these supplements to our immediate family, for example to our parents for heart and circulatory problems, or even for joint problems. Thus, Ayurveda became part of our daily routine.

Partner and Supplier stories – Introduction:

LaVida Oriental Heritage, Home of the Talking Furniture

Earlier this year (2023), we launched a new venture, LaVida Oriental Heritage, offering hand-carved Oriental-style, handmade solid wood furniture and Asian home décor products made by local artisans from the region. Along with painted bamboo rice baskets; copper gongs and mangosteen partition screens, we also bring you beautiful hand-carved mango and teak furniture decorated with traditional design motifs.

Visit our website and discover our beautiful selection of handcrafted solid wood Oriental furniture and home décor products from Asia: www.lavidaorientalheritage.com Home Décor. Your way.

Nepali and Tibetan mandalas and thangkas

Surendra is one of the artists who has created the hand-painted, richly detailed mandalas, thangkas, which you can find on our site. We first met in Pokhara in 2010, and since then he has also opened a shop in Kathmandu where you can choose from a selection of his beautiful works. In the other picture, a fellow artist is painting a Kalachakra mandala.

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