About us

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

– Lao Ce

Our journey together began in 2010 in Nepal when our small team led by Adam Baktai set out to discover the Himalaya and the mysterious and engaging world of Asia.

It soon turned out that we had a lot of shared passion and common interest, so we started working together, launching Vegafűszeray in Europe. Our goal is to share our enthusiasm and passion for healthy living, and a lifestyle closer to nature and traditional remedies, healing.


Adam and Erika

Adam Baktai, the ‘guru’ of our small team has been studying and living in India where he was made Hindu priest in 1995. Since moving back to Europe he has beeen working as an Ayurvedic healer, astrologist, yoga trainer, shiatsu and reiki therapist, and he is the founder of the Bhakti Kutir website and community in Hungary.

Erika is the logistic caretaker of the team. She travels for work and as a hobby, globe trotting around the world when possible. Lived and worked in Asia Mumbai and Bangkok for a few years.

Currently she provides background support while commuting between different countries of Europe and Thailand is thinking about the next destination between two horse riding tours.



Kriszti is the true heart and engine of our team, taking care of running the day-to-day business and providing first class customer service. Always on the lookout to find better simpler ways of working.

In her spare time besides raising two wonderful daughters, she organizes trips, teaches salsa and is on thee move to always learn something new: be it ayurveda, astrology or archaic systems and theory.

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