Eyes - Basic product


Triphala, for maintaining good digestion, 80 capsules

  • Ayurveda has long been used to treat eye problems and inflammations, such as conjunctivitis, stye, eyelid inflammation

The eye is the reflection of the soul, and its health is essential!

We navigate the world through our eyes and our vision. Keeping it healthy and intact is therefore essential for living a full and free life. With the ancient Indian holistic science of Ayurveda, we can do a lot to preserve the health of our eyes. The holistic approach of Ayurveda is based on the importance of prevention, and capsules can be used for strengthening our body. Our Indian supplier partner is a certified organic producer of Ayurveda products, so these dietary supplement capsules are not only 100% vegan, but also certified kosher and halal. Click on the products for more information about Ayurvedic herbs in cellulose capsules and their place and method in holistic healing. Browse our products of herbal remedies.

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