A thangka (tangka or tanka) is a Tibetan Buddhist painting originally made by lamas or Buddhist priests. It can depict a deity or a mandala, is an integral part of Buddhist practice, and serves as an important teaching tool depicting the life of the Buddha.

The mandala, which means 'circle' in Sanskrit, is a geometric shape with symbolic meaning. It is used for meditation, prayer, healing and art therapy by adults and children alike. Mandalas have been clinically studied to strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and pain, lower blood pressure, promote sleep and relieve depression.

The yantra images depict symmetrical geometric shapes, which radiate cosmic positive energies, curb negative energies and help individuals ascend spiritually.

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Discovering new cultures, exploring a new place, meeting local people and artists, and getting the chance to see our world through their eyes is always one of the most exciting parts of our travels. We return home from every trip with spiritual and material memories, finding many things in the local markets and small shops that we can't find at home. With the spread of globalisation, mass-produced items are increasingly replacing the wonderful things made by local craftsmen and artists. Our aim is to bring a tiny corner of the world to our own country, supporting the families, artists and craftspeople who have brought so many beautiful memories into our lives through their creations. Helping them to continue their craft and to keep alive the traditions of their country and their people so that they can continue to delight travellers and pilgrims for many years to come.

Introducing our partners:

Surendra is one of the artists who has created the hand-painted, richly detailed mandalas, thangkas, which you can find on our site. We first met in Pokhara in 2010, and since then he has also opened a shop in Kathmandu where you can choose from a selection of his beautiful works. In the other picture, a fellow artist is painting a Kalachakra mandala.

“Oriental treasures”

Green Tara – Mantra Mandala

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Méret: 77x77cm

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Genuine hand painted thangka on cotton canvas.

Place of origin: Nepal

Tara manifests in many different forms. In Tibet, these forms included Green Tara’s manifestation as the Nepalese Princess Bhrikuti, and White Tara’s manifestation as the Chinese princess Kongjo (Princess Wencheng).

As one of the three deities of long life, White Tara (Saraswati) is associated with longevity. White Tara counteracts illness and thereby helps to bring about a long life. She embodies the motivation that is compassion and is said to be as white and radiant as the moon.

Green Tara is an incarnation of the maternal energy, imparting enlightenment, to both the individual and the collective. The current presentation of Green Tara originates in Buddhism from around the 7th century CE. Green Tara (Khadiravani) is usually associated with protection from fear and the following eight obscurations:

lions representing pride

wild elephants representing delusion/ignorance

fires representing hatred and anger

snakes representing jealousy

bandits and thieves representing wrong views, including fanatical views

bondage representing avarice and miserliness

floods representing desire and attachment

and evil spirits and demons representing deluded doubts

Dimensions 77 × 77 cm

L (large)


Buddha, Zöld Tara thangka, Mantra mandala


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