Cleaning cures in all quantities

Cleaning cures in all quantities


Cleaning cures in all quantities, or get to know Neem and Triphala

Spring is here (or rather summer) — this is a good time in the year to prepare for the swimsuit season to clean our body of the many toxins collected in the winter, and we collected some tips for this.

“Major skin diseases are never treated by Ayurveda only superficially, it is always there in therapy that it begins to clean the problem from the inside.

The internal treatment of skin diseases is implemented by Ayurveda by purifying the liver and through it, the blood. Most often, Ayurveda uses the leaves of the neem tree, because it is also very effective for general detoxification. But the use of neem is really recommended when the weather is steadily warmer, because of its bitterness, the neem in Ayurvedic classification is cold and light flavor which is not really recommended in cold weather.

But clearly Neem is the one that is most effective for internal treatment of skin problems, from simple acne to more serious suppurating cases.

In India, at the school where I went, we struggled quite a lot when with western children developed boils and more serious outbreaks from the intense summer heat. But it always affected only the kids who came to our school fresh. It was mandatory to take a neem based product in the morning before breakfast, and after a few months there was no one who had any skin problems.

And, of course, there were teenage guys who came to school with very seriously pimples, but they also had the skin clearing in no time. Our most serious case was that a guy with a “pizza face”, who unfortunately had smallpox spots on his face, had to take neem every morning for six months, he also had all the stains and craters cleared from his face perfectly.

Of course, the smallpox spots on his face had to be lubricated with the middle third of his first morning pee, but we only suggested that after a good 3 months of neem usage.

However, there is also a cleanser in Ayurveda that can be used even during the cold season, which is none other than Triphala.

This is also a general cleanser, it can be used in a wide variety of ways and for a lot of things, but it is probably best used to start spring detoxification, since it can be used even when the weather is a little colder.

A third of the triphala is amla, perhaps one of the most effective vitamin bombs in the world. So Triphala not only cleanses our body, but also feeds it through Amla, so even though Triphala detoxifies very effectively, the decay accompanying every purification is minimized from the components of Triphala themselves.

In addition, Triphala is an excellent agent which not only cleanses, but also stimulates our digestion and maintains the tone of various tissues in our body. For example, it was observed in the West that in extreme weight loss the skin of triphala-treated patients shrunk naturally and in proportion with weight loss. While those who did not take Triphala and also lost a lot of weight, the excess skin had to be operated on by plastic correction.

But, for example, the treatment of herpes can also be solved with triphala. When used in conjunction with silver colloid, for many, many times, it makes a person completely free from the torment of herpes.

The method of proper intake of triphala is soaking. In the evening, a teaspoonful of triphala is placed in a glass of water and left to soak until morning. While fasting, drink the water off from the grounds on the bottom, then pour a glass of water on it again and let it soak until evening. In the evening, drink water from it again without stirring up, and then spill the powder and start another soaking.

Have a good triphala, but be prepared for the fact that it tastes awfully bad.” (Author: Adam Baktai)

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