How to prepare for the winter, Ayurvedic methods in a nutshell Part I.

How to prepare for the winter, Ayurvedic methods in a nutshell Part I.


Weather slowly turns cold and winter is upon us, and health care comes back to the foreground. It is worth paying more attention to nutrition and the choice of herbs that supplement it.

There are many types of home practices and methods, among the traditional methods I would recommend Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term meaning: “The science of life” A holistic system since several thousand years that deals not only with the cure of diseases, but also their prevention.

If we talk about prevention, let’s start with vitamins: let’s present the Amla — Vitamin C Bomb directly from India.

Yes, Amla, not an apple, although it’s also very good in winter. This is a kind of Indian gooseberry, which is, according to Ayurveda, is the perfect fruit because it contains all six flavors. Natural source of vitamin C, 8.7mg of Vitamin C obtained from Amla corresponds to roughly 100mg of synthetic vitamin C. The main effect of the acerbic nature of the fruit is that it is astringent, so vitamin C taken from Amla gets into the intestinal mucosa and acts slowly. So Amla keeps vitamin C levels high in our body for a long time and acts as a preventive agent or as an agent to defeat the disease for a longer time.

To replenish our body with vitamins, the following cocktail is recommended for daily consumption:

1 gr of amla, 1 glass of vegetable and/or fruit juice with a little honey and ginger powder

In addition to its high vitamin content, Amla is used in Ayurveda as a digestive stimulant, anti-squeezing agent, antipyretic, blood purifier, cough and asthma reducer, vision enhancer, cordifier, body and spirit stimulant, and hair enhancer.

Learn more about Amla by clicking here.

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