Ayurveda is also popular among the stars…

Ayurveda is also popular among the stars…

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Ayurveda is also popular among celebrities, who like to use it as a health and beauty treatment in addition to other cosmetic and medicinal alternatives.

🔴 Jennifer Aniston, for example, enjoys the soothing effects of ASHWAGANDA in her tea. This preparation boosts the immune system, helps improve memory, concentration and stress management.

🔴 Gwyneth Paltrow swears by her Ayurvedic diet as the foundation of her wellbeing. During the pandemic she started eating according to her dosha. She eats lots of lentils and vegetables, which provide her with a sense of fullness and the nutrients she needs throughout the day.

🔴 Supermodel Christy Turlington is very serious about her Ayurvedic practices, practicing yoga. She says regular practice has helped her cope with challenges, manage stress and shaped her outlook. Yoga introduced her to Ayurveda and now there is no going back for her.

It allows people to reduce stress and reach a higher state of consciousness.

🔴 American stand-up comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld has been practicing meditation for 40 years. He says meditation is like a body charger. It brings calm and peace, which has unparalleled benefits in strengthening brain function.

🔴 Madonna’s vitality is based on practices for her health. She is a Pitta type, and uses a variety of Ayurvedic practices from Ayurvedic diet to practicing Ashtanga yoga. A believer in natural remedies, Madonna uses essential oils of lemon, juniper and bergamot for total relaxation.

🔴 According to Ayurveda, starting the day with a cup of warm water and lemon has many benefits. It awakens the digestive fire so your body is ready to absorb nutrients from food. It also rids your body of toxins and boosts your metabolism. Beyoncé believes in the healing power of lemon water and has incorporated it into her daily morning routine.

🔴 Rinsing with oil is an ancient way to improve oral hygiene. It removes bacteria and toxins, aids digestion and prevents poor oral hygiene. Actress and activist Shailene Woodley uses sesame oil for her rinses, which she admits have produced amazing results.

More and more people are realising that ayurveda improves quality of life. Give our natural herbs a try, learn about your Ayurvedic body type and the most suitable food for your dosha!

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